Acid Indigestion Treatment – Is It Acid Reflux?

Acid indigestion is a problem that affects most people from time to time, but when it occurs on a regular basis, it is usually classified as acid reflux or GERD.

Most of us will experience some burping or regurgitation after a big meal, and most people would classify that as heartburn. In most cases, heartburn and mild acid indigestion is nothing more than a hassle, while acid reflux or gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) has far more serious repercussions.  

What Is Acid Reflux?

This is a condition whereby the acid in the stomach are able to rise up through the esophageal sphincter and esophagus, resulting in burning, pain, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. At one time, acid reflux was very rare, but now some studies say that as many as 20% of adults suffer from this problem.

Is Acid Reflux The Same As Indigestion?

antacidAcid indigestion is something that has always been traditionally treated by using products such as Pepto-Bismol or Alka-Seltzer. These medications work by reducing gases and acid production in the stomach, which helps to prevent these acids from coming into contact with your esophageal sphincter.

If you suffer from acid indigestion, then they may help you in the short-term, as someone who suffers from acid reflux or GERD will usually not experience any reduction in symptoms at all by using these kinds of product.

When you have acid reflux, it is likely that damage has occurred to the sphincter or the esophagus, making it more sensitive to stomach acids, and in some cases the esophageal sphincter has weakened to the point where acids are easily able to sneak through. This means that GERD is often the diagnosis, so a different type of acid reflux treatment will be necessary.

What Acid Indigestion Treatments Work Best?

pillsFor people who have a diagnosed case of GERD or acid reflux, different types of treatments are now available. Over the past couple of decades, there have been a few prescription medications that have been helpful for people who suffer from this problem.

Although most doctors will tell you that these medications are only a short-term treatment to what is actually a long-term problem, they can provide relief for some people.

The real key to any effective acid indigestion treatment is going to be eliminating the problem that is causing acid reflux in the first place. By doing so, you will be able to give your esophageal sphincter and your esophagus time to heal so that they are less sensitive to acids, and better able to keep bile and acids in your stomach.

Among the many other acid indigestion treatments that are in use today are over-the-counter heartburn or acid indigestion products, prescription medications, and various herbal and natural remedies. Some of these work by reducing acid in the stomach, while others help to soothe the esophagus.

Why Does Acid Indigestion Get Worse At Night?

If you are one of the many people who suffer from acid indigestion when you go to bed at night, then the reason for this is that when you are lying horizontal, acids are better able to come into contact with your esophageal sphincter. If this part of your body has already been damaged, then it is going to be easier for acid to create pain and other symptoms.


The most obvious method of dealing with nighttime acid indigestion is to use an inclined pillow, body pillow, or an inclined mattress. This is often the most affordable and easiest way for people to instantly reduce their acid indigestion symptoms.

How Can You Avoid Getting Acid Indigestion?

As is the case with many health problems, it is always best if you can eliminate the underlying conditions that are causing the problem. This may enable you to avoid medications altogether and start living a more normal life.

When it comes to acid indigestion, research has shown that the most common causes are obesity, alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and eating excessively large, fatty meals. In other words, by making simple lifestyle changes, you can not only avoid acid indigestion symptoms, but help your body to heal from the inside out.

Where Can You Find More Information On Acid Indigestion Treatments?

Because an estimated 20% of the population now suffers from acid indigestion, it makes sense that there are now many online resources that provide information on acid indigestion treatment, methods to treat and avoid GERD, and simple ways to reduce the occasional bout of heartburn.

Even though online resources can be extremely helpful, it is always worth noting that if you are suffering from severe symptoms on a regular basis, then you should visit your doctor just to ensure that the symptoms that you are experiencing are in fact acid indigestion or GERD.

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