Symptoms of Acid Reflux – Do You Have A Pain In Your Throat?

Acid Reflux, also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) is a very common ailment, afflicting millions of people all over the world. While there is no consensus on exactly what causes acid reflux disease symptoms or what is the best remedy for acid reflux, everyone can agree on one thing- it is an extremely unpleasant condition to have.

throat pain

The symptoms of acid reflux include a pain in the center of the esophagus (the familiar symptoms of “heartburn”) and in some cases, difficulty swallowing. These symptoms of acid reflux tend to be worse at night, especially after a heavy evening meal. Acid reflux is not an especially serious disease, but it is certainly one that no one wants to have.

If you only suffer from the symptoms of acid reflux once in a great while, this is probably not serious – everyone has a touch of heartburn from time to time. When people talk about acid reflux disease, they generally mean cases where the symptoms of acid reflux recur often, usually being quite severe. An occasional bout of heartburn, however, is probably nothing to get too worried about.

What You Can DO

If you suffer from the symptoms of acid reflux disease, then you know how painful and irritating it can be. Thankfully, there are some things which you can do to stop acid reflux now and make your acid reflux episodes less frequent.  Many people are using Dr. Morter’s natural acid reflux system.  Click here to learn more.


Other ways to lessen the symptoms of acid reflux are to avoid foods which tend to trigger symptoms. These foods differ from person to person, but the most common ones are acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits and so on. Other common triggers are fried foods, alcoholic beverages and coffee.

The best way to determine which foods are giving you trouble is to keep a  “food diary” and track what you ate and when you had symptoms of acid reflux. If a particular food causes acid reflux episodes repeatedly, you’ll want to eliminate it from your diet. By simply avoiding the foods which are triggering your symptoms of acid reflux, you’ll avoid suffering from this problem less often.

Your posture also plays a role in acid reflux. If you tend to recline after eating, this makes it much easier for stomach acid to work its way into the esophagus (this is what is responsible for heartburn). Remember what your parents always told you and make an effort to stand up and sit straighter.

A Short Walk Can Help!

You can also prevent some acid reflux episodes by simply taking a walk after your meals – this stimulates digestion and allows you some time where your esophagus is not in a good position for the symptoms of acid reflux to appear.

By following these simple tips and adopting healthy lifestyle habits like a good diet and regular exercise, you’ll be able to avoid suffering the symptoms of acid reflux as often – and of course, you’ll enjoy better health overall, which is never a bad thing.

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