Treating Acid Reflux Naturally – 6 Remedies

Today there are many people who are dealing with acid reflux problems. If you are one of them, no doubt you’d like to find some relief. While there are medications available, many people are not thrilled with the idea of taking medications on a regular basis for their acid reflux problems, especially with all the dangerous side effects that often come with prescription medications.

If you are looking for ways of treating acid reflux naturally, here are a few excellent natural remedies that can provide you with some relief.

Remedy #1 – Barley Grass

barleygrassBarley grass is one of the most nutrient-packed foods found in nature.  It can be taken in tablet form or you can drink in it in its natural form.  Warning, many people prefer tablets due to the grassy taste.  Barley grass has been recommended by doctors and nutritionists as being one of the best ways to reduce acidity.  It is considered the king of all supplements by many because it is a super food that can reduce symptoms of many ailments.  Click here for the best source of barley grass.

Remedy #2 – An Apple a Day…

appleOne great option to try if you’re dealing with acid reflux is to eat an apple. More than likely you’ve always heard that eating an apple on a daily basis can keep the doctor away. Well, eating an apple really can be a huge help. Of course the best natural option is to go with an organic apple. Make sure you chew it up really well for the best results.

Remedy #3 – Drinking a Bit of Milk

If you’re looking for remedies for treating acid reflux naturally, one of the simplest ones is to simply drink a bit of milk. More than likely you already have some milk in your home and you won’t have to go out to purchase anything.

Have a small glass of the milk. You don’t want to overdo it, but make sure you get enough into your stomach to help relieve that problem with the acid so you don’t end up dealing with acid reflux later on.


Remedy #4 – Aloe Vera Juice

For many years people have been using aloe vera juice as an acid reflux natural remedy. Europeans have done this for years, and it really does provide results. Usually you should drink about ¼ cup 15-20 minutes before you eat a meal. It helps to sooth the esophagus and can prevent problems with acid reflux after you eat. Don’t try making this yourself though. Only go with aloe vera juice that is designed to be internally. The best place to find this is at a natural health food store.

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Remedy #5 – Try Some Ginger

Ginger is a great natural remedy for acid reflux that you probably wouldn’t think of. Ginger is actually great for the digestive system, since it helps to relax the muscles of the esophagus. You can use ginger root or you can go with the powder. There are even ginger capsules that can be purchased. If you use the capsules, then before you eat you should take two of them.

Remedy #6 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Last of all, apple cider vinegar is another excellent remedy for treating acid reflux naturally. While it may sound strange, it really does provide results for many people. The apple cider vinegar helps aid digestion. You should take a tablespoon of the organic apple cider vinegar before every meal that you eat. Often it works in a few days, but it could take several months before you see the full results of using it.

Following these guidelines, you can avoid the unwanted side effects of conventional medication.  Check with your doctor for more ways for treating acid reflux naturally.  Visit acid reflux food to avoid to see foods that you may need to stay away from!

Discover simple methods for banishing painful acid reflux once and for all with all natural strategies.

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